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An Essay India on my homeland in English 2500 Words


India on my homeland Essay in the English Language

My homeland is called India. Before 1947 it was called India. Many people still call it India or Hindustan. The foreigners used to call it India. The British ruled here for about 200 years. Until 1857, the British trading company ruled here with the help of its government, and after that, India became directly under British rule in England.

In practice, India was a British colony. The British were collecting the wealth here and taking it to England. They used to buy raw materials from India and make cloth, iron goods, etc. in their factories and sell them here at high prices.

Thousands of Englishmen were employed here who were paid crores of rupees every month and when they returned they were sent pensions from here. The British had thus plundered India. They did not allow any handicrafts to be developed here until they had cut off the hands of many Indian artisans.

The British did not even treat the Indians as human beings. India fought the war of independence under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. The only leader of Kashmir and a Muslim leader Mr. Sheikh Abdullah also took part in the struggle for independence of India along with Mahatma Gandhi. He was against the British as well as personal rule and after constant efforts of the people the British left India and on 15th August 1947, India became independent.

The slogan of complete independence of India raised by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in Lahore in 1929 was embarrassingly interpreted 18 years later. But the British divided our country before returning from India.

The one that remained separate from India was called Pakistan, the rest was called Bharatvarsh. We all live in same India and love our country immensely.

India is still a big country. With the exception of China, India has the largest population of any country in the world. No other country has as many Muslims as India. The number of Muslims living in India is more than the population of any Muslim country. They have been given an equal share by the Constitution of India. The Himalayas are in the north of India. This mountain range is 1600 miles long and 200 miles wide.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. The Himalayas serve as a watchdog for India. Due to this mountain, it rains every year in India. If it were not for the Himalayas, the northern part of India would be barren and desert.

The peaks of the Himalayan mountains are covered with snow all the time. There are many big cities here now. Our cities have developed a lot since the independence of India. The population has grown exponentially. Industry and trade have grown significantly. Buildings that touch the sky have become.

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India is a secular country, meaning no religion is the official religion. There are people of different religions in India, so the government here is the government of all. Here Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians live as brothers. Some countries do not like what we are saying.

They try to increase mutual hatred among the people here so that the rapid development of India is stopped and then foreign goods enter the markets of India. But it is a fact that very few people in India become instruments of these foreign powers.

Both Hindus and Muslims here are patriots and love their land, which is why the great powers are less successful in their cause. The educated class has started hating these sectarian people.

India has developed rapidly since independence. Now many car factories have opened here from where a lot of cloth goes to foreign countries and thus India is succeeding in earning foreign currency. Due to the development of industry, India is no longer in need of any other country except wheat. Efforts are also being made to produce petrol and kerosene here. We have had some success in this regard. It is hoped that in the coming years we will be able to obtain abundant oil from our seas.

Coal production is also quite good. Iron is being produced in large quantities. Large textile factories have been set up. Every effort is being made to increase the productivity of the country. The condition of agriculture in our country was very bad but after independence Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the leader of India paid special attention to this. Five-year plans were prepared and special emphasis was laid on agriculture. Due to this, there has been a great development in agriculture.

Wheat is being produced in large numbers in Punjab. The people here are also very hardworking. Punjab alone is producing wheat for half of India.
There has also been an increase in power generation in the last few years. Electricity is being generated in various places by building dams etc. Where there is no dam, thermal mill plants have been set up. Two power plants have also been built in one place. Now they have to procure fuel from other countries due to which there are some difficulties but it is believed that the fuel used in power plants in India will soon become self-sufficient Will feel

There are many historical places in my beloved homeland. Every year foreigners come here for sightseeing. Taj Mahal of Agra, Red Fort of Delhi, Berla Temple, Um

The Golden Temple of Ratsar, the valleys of Kashmir, and the scenic beauty of Himachal are famous all over the world. Their charm is attracting people. The beauty of Kashmir valleys is a topic of discussion all over the world. Anyone who comes here once is always talking about it and wants to come here again and again.

Delhi is the capital of India. Delhi was not a big city in 1947 but since then it has been growing very fast and is now almost twenty times bigger than before. Now, this city is also spreading all around. Hundreds of people are going to Delhi every day and settling there. Now it has become a famous and rich city in the world.

The Government of India has its offices in Delhi. There are embassies of other countries, there are big factories and there are markets for different kinds of goods. We love our country very much. All Indians are ready to sacrifice their lives for the integrity and freedom of their country. At present Shri Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of our country. Under his guidance, India is making progress. It is our prayer to God that our country may prosper twice a day and four times a night.

People here love you. All together, let the untouchables, bullying, and black-market end here. Let all the people here be educated, let the engineers and scientists here contribute to the development of the country, and let India move forward with new inventions. May the peace policy of the country be maintained and may the country succeed in its efforts to maintain peace in the world. We also pray that India will guide the world in the years to come and save the world from the flames of war.

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