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An Essay on goodness


Essay on goodness in English

There is no other work in the world equal to doing good. Therein lies the good of both the world and religion. The source of spiritual and physical comfort is hidden in goodness. After all, why not have happiness in it because there is nothing better than doing good to others. Doing good to others without revenge is called benevolence, and that is why man is considered the noblest of creatures.

Because nature created the spirit of benevolence in man, nature trained and educated man to do good deeds. The earth provides for us, and the stars, moon, and sun give us light and warmth. The sun and the moon produce juice in vegetables and fruits. Nature has created all this for our good, and she does not want anything from us in return. That is why it is right for us to do good for everyone.

There is nothing better in the world than doing good. Man and the servant get close to God because of kindness, and God wants us to do good to each other and do good and kindness. God loves to do good to God’s servants. Those who love God’s servants are God’s friends and loved ones. It became clear that those who loved their slaves found prosperity in religion and the world.

Feeding the hungry, watering the thirsty, clothing the naked, and helping the afflicted are signs of goodness, virtue, and goodness. Teaching knowledge is the best kindness. Food, clothing, etc., fulfill the need by themselves. But the benefit of benevolence is permanent and lasting and leads to everlasting progress.

If we give Money to the rich, it will be useless. We cannot be good by feeding the person who can get the bread of his labor, but it creates laziness and increases the number of lazy people. When a healthy and energetic person gets free food, he will become lazy and a free eater. Therefore, when one has to do good or benevolence to someone, one should think about what he needs.

He who gives to the needy is a sinner of the nation. People who are healthy and energetic and have nothing to spend time on should engage in activities that will enable them to earn their living. That way, they will always be hardworking and will not have to bear the disgrace of eating the heads of others.

Some famous benefactors and benefactors have passed away in the world. Like the Hatim in Arabia, the Khans of the Mughal period continued to do good and virtuous deeds for others. Even today, most people donate their blood to save the lives of others. Such people are true benefactors. This poem fulfills the self-sacrifice of such people.

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