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An Essay on inflation 1000 Words in Eng


1000 Word Essay In English

There is no one today who is not bothered by rising inflation. Inflation is an international issue. The prices of necessities of life are increasing day by day in all the countries of the world. To a large extent, this is also a natural thing, because the rapid growth of the world’s population has not led to the production of things. And we all know that when the demand for something increases, its value starts to increase.

New reserves and resources cannot be discovered as fast as the world’s reserves of iron, coal and petrol, etc., which are being utilized rapidly in view of the increasing industrial development. Here are some common facts that will help us understand the rising cost of living in the world. But the problem of inflation in India is more acute and worrisome than in any other country in the world.

India is basically a poor and backward country that has been struggling for development since independence. But not all of our development projects are fully operational due to the growing population of the country, lack of necessities of life, etc. In a country where most of the population has not been able to get enough to feed themselves twice, talking about social development and the betterment of civilization seems like a tragic joke.

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However, in order to overcome these problems, the country has to make great sacrifices and work hard. Among the measures and efforts taken in this regard are plans for agricultural production, industrial development, and the elimination of unemployment. Initially, seeing the pace of development of these projects, it was hoped that the country would soon be on the path to self-sufficiency, and poverty and misery would be eradicated. But on the other hand, the population of the country also increased at an extraordinary rate and became a major obstacle to the way of the prosperity of the country. And the irony is that at the same time, the country was forced to fight a number of foreign powers.

Obviously, in these circumstances, rising inflation was natural. But the current situation of inflation has been exacerbated by the profiteering black market and bribery to the point where even the middle and middle class cannot afford to fill their stomachs and cover their bodies. Poverty has increased rather than decreased. The problem of hunger, poverty, and misery has become more important in India today than ever before. In view of these circumstances, the loud claims of democracy and socialism and the promises of the country’s leaders are no more than a mirage for the people.

Both the government and the people need to struggle and act to curb rising inflation and the resulting poverty and misery. The constitution of the government promises the people that the government is responsible for meeting the basic needs of their lives. In any case, a people’s government or democracy can only be declared worthy of its name if it gives its people the right to meet the basic necessities of life.

The government should use all its resources and strength to curb inflation and give exemplary punishments to blackmailers, bribe-takers, and dishonest people. If effective measures are not taken soon, this problem will only get worse. It will be impossible to overcome. On the one hand, due to inflation many development projects of the government are not implemented and on the other hand dissatisfaction and anti-government sentiments are created in the country which manifests itself in the form of sabotage and sabotage and these sabotage operations. This would disrupt the peace and tranquility of the country and make development projects slow and ineffective.

As a result of this problem, government employees are demanding an increase in salaries and going on strike. Strikes in railways, post offices, and other important sectors cause a loss of crores of rupees to the country every year, and an increase in salaries puts a heavy burden on the national budget and keeps inflation high.

The government has so far failed to take effective measures. But one of the main reasons for this is that the people have not given proper support to the government in this regard. Obviously, only the law and the government can punish the profiteers, but isn’t it the duty of the people to bring such people to the notice of the law? Expose hoardings in a peaceful way. And socially boycott them. If both the people and the government try to fulfill their responsibilities with sincerity and dedication, then the day is not far when the sun of prosperity will shine in the country once again.

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