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An Essay on press freedom 600 Word


Essay on press freedom

“Freedom of speech” is a speech that is of great importance to every human being and country and this freedom we get through the press. We must have the freedom to express our views. Helps to grow and stand on humanity. Newspapers represent the views of educated people which helps in reforming the society.

The press is such a powerful force of the people with the help of which the people keep an eye on the affairs of the government and if they deviate from their path they seek the help of the people. We have the hidden power to guide our leaders in the right direction. The eyes of the purse are so sharp that they can see deep inside and know many hidden secrets.

Certainly what is of such great importance and what is so helpful to the people will require pleasant and favorable conditions to work. It should have a free environment so that it can do its job with satisfaction. And he should be allowed to do his work without fear or favor. People should be allowed to come forward and express their views because nature has endowed man with many virtues.

Often the eyes of a very ordinary man fall on certain things which sometimes big men do not look at and with its help many things are done. Which are very useful for the society.

JS-Mill says that if 99 people are saying one thing and one man is opposing them, then these 99 people have no power to silence this one man and this one man has no power. The purse enables discussions and debates on national and international issues. It helps to solve big problems because each country has its own opinion. Sometimes their opinion makes it easier to solve problems. In this way our society gets better and rises.

Newspapers also give opinions and advice to the government and criticize its mistakes. The work that the government does brings them to the forefront. If the people have a complaint against the government, they express it with the help of the press. They fight for the rights of the people and their freedom. With its help, both the government and the people get to know each other’s views. Newspapers influence public opinion so much that they can remove great leaders from their positions and bring others to new positions.

The press forced the resignation of British Prime Minister Macmillan. The fascist governments of Germany and Italy wanted to shut down the press but could not. Not only in his own country but also in the place where he ruled. During the British rule, Indian newspapers enjoyed considerable freedom and the British always wanted to know the views of the people they were ruling. During this period Indian newspapers did two things, firstly they kept the British informed of the Indian initiative and secondly they incited the Indians to fight for the independence of the country. Many newspapers were published in India at that time. On the one hand, because of these newspapers, Indians fought the war of independence in a peaceful way, killing and plundering away. This fight was fought in a more peaceful way than in other places.

Even after independence, the press has always been free. Jawaharlal Nehru was a staunch supporter of press freedom and because of him democracy prevailed in our country and even after that no restrictions were imposed on the press. There were many occasions in Nehru’s time when the government had to change its policies and follow the will of the people and the people expressed their will through newspapers. During the war with China, the newspapers slammed the government because its defeat embarrassed the people of India. At that time Krishna Menon was the Minister of Defense and all this responsibility fell on him. As a result, Nehru had to resign from the ministry in order to win the trust of the people.

It gives us an idea of ​​the power and prestige of newspapers in Nehru’s time. Newspapers did not get much freedom after Nehru, but even before the Emergency, the press in India had a good deal of freedom. When the state of emergency was declared, Indira Gandhi’s first target was the newspaper. They were the first to ban newspapers. Newspaper news and articles began to be censored. The publication of news that objected to the government was banned and at that time the newspapers were publishing everything that the government was allowing.

After the end of Indira Gandhi’s government, the Janata Party came to power. At that moment, the good old days of purse came back. But then the rule of the Janata Party passed in the same way while fighting among themselves and they could never do the job which they themselves had promised to the people. Freedom of the press allowed regressive and sectarian organizations to flourish, and then the Congress government returned. But now they are saying that they will give complete freedom to the press and no restrictions have been imposed on the press and the bad days of emergency should be forgotten.

Now India’s democracy needs good care and newspapers will play an important role in this work and newspapers have a duty to convey the right message to the people and get feedback.

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