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An Essay on the Kashmir issue in Eng 1000 Words


Essay on the Kashmir issue

Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the major threats to world peace right now. No matter how important it may be for Pakistan to become a defense nuclear power after India becomes a nuclear power in this sensitive region. Indicates the hovering clouds of war.

If the two states engage in war on the Kashmir issue at any time and use nuclear weapons, this region, which is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, will present a horrible picture of destruction and devastation that has never been seen before in the world. Coming Even the embarrassing chapters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be ashamed of this catastrophe.

What is the Kashmir issue? The fact that when the Tehreek-e-Pakistan was on the rise, the letter “K” of Pakistan’s name was for Kashmir. Religious blood ties, trade ties, and water relations of flowing rivers connect and connect the region of Pakistan and Kashmir. Valuable timber from the forests of Kashmir flowed through the rivers for the purpose of trade with the flow of river water in the same letter which is today called Pakistan. ۔

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Unfortunately, during the Red Cliff Awards at the time of partition, a mutual conspiracy of Hindus and British, instead of annexing the region to Pakistan, a conspiracy was hatched and large numbers of Hindus and troops were sent to the Kashmir Valley. So that the spirit of freedom can be crushed. The region we see today as Azad Kashmir is the result of the efforts of a few top-selling Mujahideen of Kashmir and the freedom-loving youth who took part in the war for independence of Kashmir wearing shrouds on their heads.

At the international level, the United Nations imposed a temporary ceasefire on India’s wail in 1948 on the promise that the Kashmiri people would be given the right to vote. Should they decide whether they want to join India or Pakistan? But unfortunately, this institution could not fulfill its promise even after more than 60 years.

The alliance between India and Russia has always tried to suppress this issue through the venue globally. Taking advantage of this criminal disregard of the world body, India established puppet governments in Kashmir and through a fake assembly pretended to annex the occupied territory of Kashmir to India and it was time to call Kashmir an integral part of India. Began to sing.

When the Sino-Indian border dispute broke out, India sent Sheikh Abdullah to Pakistan to negotiate with the late Ayub Khan in order to deceive the world and reduce Pakistan’s pressure. In 1965, the Pak-India war broke out over the same issue, as a result of which Kashmir did not become independent, but it proved that the dream of Indian occupation of Pakistan would never be embarrassing.

By signing the Tashkent Agreement, Ayub Khan lost the battle on the negotiating table and the Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri was killed. No dignified solution could be found to the Kashmir issue but the issue went into cold storage as revenge for the de facto defeat in the 1965 war. He also saw this persecution with his inconsequential fears.

The following are credible suggestions for resolving the Kashmir issue.

Let the United Nations live up to its promise and give the Kashmiri people the right to vote
The two states should mediate a major power and accept the decision.
Let the International Court of Justice decide this issue.
The two countries should find a solution to this problem through bilateral talks.
Both the countries should leave Kashmir and an independent state of Kashmir should be established.
May the present jihad efforts of the people of Kashmir be successful.
Let’s take a brief look at these different suggestions.

The United Nations is the guarantor and responsible for peace in the world, but historically it has become the domain of a few great powers. After the break-up of Russia, this institution is practically a slave of America. Russia vetoed the Kashmir issue, the United States also did not play its role on this issue due to Islamophobia. In the changing international context, it is not to be expected that the world body will play its role. Pakistan’s own weak and flawed foreign policy has failed miserably to make this a global issue. Now the situation has reached such a point that even long-time friends and supporters like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are abandoning Pakistan’s support on this issue and adopting a neutral approach.

The proposal to resolve the Kashmir issue through mediation has also come up several times. The UK offered to play a role in mediation. China agreed to this, Iran offered its services but did not accept India’s stubbornness and the proposal of these sincere countries did not prove effective in the face of ‘integral part’.

Through the International Court of Justice

What role has the International Court of Justice played in the world since its inception? This is a historic question that even pointless institutions may not be able to answer. Everybody says about this court that it is a matter of “yes or no”. The name and existence of this court were heard on the issue of ‘run of something’. Is an insult Therefore, its role in the Kashmir issue is also ineffective.

Bilateral talks

Bilateral talks are an effective way to resolve an issue while the parties show generosity and broad-mindedness. But here it is a matter of the usurper and the narrow-minded. Bilateral talks took place even during the tenure of President Ayub Khan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto represented Pakistan as the most capable and sharp foreign minister but Soren Singh did not have any leeway. This pointless exercise was carried out under President Zia-ul-Haq and now Delhi and Islamabad are under negotiations. If the passionate leadership of Pakistan thinks that their success through diplomacy will put India in a saucer and give Kashmir to Pakistan, then it is self-deception and fraud. Through bilateral talks, India pretends its pacifism on the world stage and eases global pressure. Kashmir, on the other hand, harms the freedom movement.

Proposal for Autonomous Kashmir

In hindsight, this proposal seems very practical that both the countries should withdraw their armies, the border of Kashmir should be removed, Kashmiri people should come to their state freely, trade, the burden, and expenditure of the armies of both the countries should be eliminated. Let Kashmir play its role as an independent state in the world, maybe this is the third option for Kashmir! Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Pakistan could not protect its territorial integrity. East Pakistan has seceded, the situation in Karachi is dire, and plans are being made for Jai Sindh and Jinnahabad but the fact is that the proposal may go in India’s favor. Totally detrimental to Pakistan. China would also not like the United States to come to this geographically important state in its neighborhood and monitor it through bases. Pakistan, which is already mired in debt and interest and whose economy is in global turmoil for fear of default The dollar will lose revenue and India will continue to create new problems. Autonomous Kashmir is tantamount to cutting the aorta of Pakistan.


The honest opinion is that India and Pakistan, after becoming nuclear powers, cannot conquer each other despite the foolish move of using nuclear weapons emotionally on this issue. Millions of innocent civilians may be killed, the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki may be repeated, Lahore and Delhi may become ruins, and the economies of both countries may be destroyed but war cannot solve this problem.

The way for the goodwill of both the countries and the welfare of the people is that the two countries withdraw their troops by making appropriate changes to the existing borders. Agree not to fight, give Kashmiris freedom of communication and trade, spend billions of rupees on defense and arms purchases for the development of the impoverished masses, set up factories, and create unemployment. Eliminate, and build roads for tourism so that tourists from all over the world turn to this region to see the Kashmir paradise. Other sources of Kashmir in its place but only tourism revenue is enough for the budget of this state.

If the elected leadership of both the countries works boldly and reaches such an agreement, then this letter will be protected from the ominous shadow of war and destruction.

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