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An Essay on the problem of unemployment 800 Words


Essay on the problem of unemployment

Someone has said, “Trouble never comes alone.” Unemployment is also a curse that brings with it many other misfortunes. Unemployment, poverty, hunger, and disease go hand in hand. So it manifests itself in the form of ignorance, misery, and anxiety of the unemployed person and all the members of the family. On the other hand, due to unemployment and poverty, various moral and social evils arise.

An examination of cases of prostitution, theft, robbery, and dishonesty reveals that unemployment and poverty are major causes of these crimes. Apart from the individual and social disadvantages of unemployment, the biggest disadvantage is that the impact of unemployment hinders the development of the country.

In the eyes of the world, a country is considered backward and underdeveloped and cannot even provide jobs to a large number of its inhabitants. Unemployment among educated youth means that all that the country should have benefited from the country’s educational projects is being wasted and wasted.

The pace of industrial development in India has been very fast since independence. New factories and industries have sprung up in the country. Large scale industries have led to a decline in small scale industries and many artisans have become unemployed. It is a fact that wherever the Industrial Revolution has taken place, a large number of people have faced unemployment. The work that many craftsmen used to do in a matter of hours, the machines do it in a matter of minutes and do it more beautifully.

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Brings prosperity to the country and raises the standard of living of the people. But the benefits of the Industrial Revolution in India have not been as great as their disadvantages. Industrial development provided employment to a small number of people and a large number to unemployment. This was probably because our country was not fully prepared for the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial life looks very attractive and colorful from afar. People in distant villages and towns listen to the story of urban life with great interest and enthusiasm. Many people leave the village in search of sky-scraping buildings, cinemas, dance halls, trains, cars, hotels, and leisure centers and come to work in the city. Listening to the mention of many big factories, they live in the city to earn money. But when there are more job seekers and fewer jobs, unemployment rises.

The same is true of education. Before independence, there were only five universities in the country but today their number has increased to a great extent. The increase in the number of colleges and schools is even greater. As a result, very few of the students who graduate from colleges and universities, each year get jobs, and most young people go to great lengths to find a job. The number of unemployed youth is increasing every year instead of decreasing. Therefore, this problem is becoming more difficult day by day.

A major responsibility for this situation lies with the current education policy. Most of our education has become a mere curriculum that does not provide any benefit or help in practical life and various professions. The second disadvantage is that education does not take proper care of the country’s needs, which is why many degrees are not helpful in getting a job.

Nowadays, the problem of unemployment of engineers is also very important in the country. The country must rethink its industrial and educational policies to tackle unemployment. Industrial development means not only opening new factories but also national prosperity.

There is potential in many industries in the country which can provide employment to all the unemployed people of the country. Education should be shaped according to the needs of industry and country so that those who graduate can be useful for the country. There should be more emphasis on technical and practical skills in education and higher education should be given only to those who really have the ability.

The rest of the people should be trained in agriculture, trade, or other arts so that in future life they do not become a burden on their family and other people of the country but earn their own livelihood. In this way, the problem of unemployment can be solved to some extent

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