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An ideal student essay in English


essay ideal student in English

Good students are the real pillars of a nation. They can make their country great and strong.

In this way they can be a source of honor for their country, parents and nation. Every student should become an ideal student.

An ideal student likes to get more knowledge. He obeys his teachers. He trusts them. He is regular and punctual. He works hard to understand things.

An ideal student also participates in sports. He works well in every field to refine his personality.

An ideal student reads only good and useful books. He does not read bad and dirty material. He reads his text books well. Besides, he also reads some general books to increase his knowledge.

He never behaves like a bookworm. He knows everything. He knows what’s going on around him. He also reads good newspapers every day.

An ideal student also knows the importance of discipline. He never joins strikes. He stays away from quarrelsome people. He never wastes his parents’ hard earned money.

All the teachers like him very much. All the teachers are proud of an ideal student. An ideal student has an open mind. His mind is very wide.

He respects all religions. He is God fearing. He is a good man. He does not lie. An ideal student is a true patriot. He loves his country.

He lives his life like a good citizen. He loves his neighbors. He helps the poor and needy. He obeys all laws. In short, he has all kinds of qualities.

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