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Best 5 Animals Essay in English


An Essay on the lion 700 Words In English

The lion (Panthera leu) is a breed in the Philadelphia family. It is a deep-breasted cat with a short, round head, neck and round ears, and a tuft of hair at the end of its tail. It is a social species, they form a group called Pride. The lion’s pride includes some adult males, females and children. A group of tigers probably hunt together.

They usually live in grasslands and are rarely found in forests. They are generally more stereotyped than other cats. The lion is the only member of the cat family to express himself sexually. Males have a broad head and a prominent mane that extends downwards and backwards, covering most of the head, neck, shoulders, and chest. The substance is usually gray in colour and has yellow, rusty and black hair.

Adult lions vary in size and weight worldwide and habitat. All animals are famous in human culture but the lion has a unique feature. Lion statues have been erected on the flags of many countries. According to experts, lions have been kept in cages since the time of the Roman Empire. In zoos, lions are raised with tigers so that onlookers can be curious or presented as scientific specimens. The tiger is bigger than any other lion.

The leopard is actually a breed between a lion and a leopard. Lions are a recognizable feature of many species. Its development begins when the lions are about a year old. Mane varies in colour and turns black with age. Research shows that its colour and height are affected by environmental factors such as average ambient temperature. Mane is apparently about the same length as a man. Depending on the presence, absence, colour and size, genetic predisposition, sexual maturity, climate.

Mane’s main goal is believed to be to protect the neck and throat in regional battles with rivals. The white lion is a rare species of this breed which in its original form is called leukocoria. It has a normal colour in its eyes and skin. In eastern South Africa, white lions are occasionally encountered around Kruger National Park and the adjacent Tamboati Private Game Reserve. They were removed from the wild in the 1980s, thus reducing the white lion’s gene pool. Despite this, 5 births were recorded between 5 and 6 in five pride.

Its prey consists mainly of mammals. Especially plains zebra, African buffalo and deer are its preference. Deer and twelve horns are the most recorded wild game in India and at the same time, domestic cattle can play a significant role in their diet. They usually let out small prey such as juvenile elephants, rhinos, rabbits and monkeys. Young lions begin to beat at the first three months of age, although they do not participate in hunting until they are about one year old, and begin to hunt more effectively by the age of two.

Although they are predators, their numbers have been significantly reduced. If they died in vain and we did not take care of them, it would be written in some book that there used to be lions in the world.

An Essay on the horse 600 Words In English

The horse is a pet. It has four legs. Its legs are very strong. It has a long and thick tail. Horses have two small ears and two small eyes. And she has long hair on her neck that looks very attractive.

The horse’s body is very strong. Horses come in many colours, such as black, white, brown, and so on.
If seen, the horse is a useful animal. It is a pet and it is a very fast-moving animal. Horses have long been used by soldiers.

Horses are found all over the world. They come in many colours and races. Most Arabian horses are considered the best. Mostly Arab horses are used for the army. These horses are given special training. In ancient times cavalry was in large numbers and these troops played a significant role in the war.

The horse is a herbivore. It eats grass, straw and grain. He likes the most, which is the main source of his power. The horse grazes on green grass in the plains and eats food provided by its owner. His residence is called a stable. The stables are well stocked with accommodation and meals.

The horse is a very fast running animal. It was the fastest ride in ancient times. Horsemen could easily travel to distant places with messages from kings, nawabs and feudal lords. Traders also carried loads on horseback to trade, and at that time the horse was their best companion.

Horse use is now limited. Horses are now used for pulling tangas. Tangas are more commonly used in rural areas. The horse’s legs are pumped so that he can run smoothly on smooth roads and rocky paths. Some people still use horses for riding and carrying loads.

On rare occasions and at religious ceremonies, horses are driven in chariots. Decorated horses look very attractive. At the time of marriage, the bridegroom goes to the wedding on horseback. At present horses are decorated with many accessories and horses are widely used in sports. The game of polo is played on horseback. There are also horse racing competitions in the cities in which prizes of millions of rupees are offered.

The horse is a very powerful animal. It can run continuously for many hours. Its effect attracts everyone. They are also used in the parade of Democracy Day which looks very attractive.

An Essay on Fish 500 Words in English

Fish is a special creature that lives in water. It is a creature that spends its entire life in water. It only breathes in water and if it is taken out of the water it cannot breathe and that is why it dies. Fish can die in water if they do not get enough oxygen in the water.

Fish breathe through gills. And that’s why they survive in the water. Fish breathe only through gills because it filters the dissolved oxygen in the water and removes the dirty air. This is because if the fish is taken out of the water, its gills stop working and this causes the fish to have difficulty in breathing and eventually it dies. It is found in fish but some fish do not have this bone.

Fish have a tantric system on their body that makes them taste. Most species of fish lay eggs, but some fish that do not lay eggs give birth directly to offspring. Like a white shark is a fish that gives birth directly to babies without laying eggs.

Fish always swim straight, but there are some fish that can swim backwards like a triggerfish. There are about 25,000 species of fish in the world. There are also some species that scientists have not yet been able to fully understand. There are also some species of fish that swallow their prey directly. Like the shark that chews and swallows its prey. And the shark is the biggest fish found in the sea and it is one of the biggest predators of the sea. A stonefish is a fish that a person dies immediately after eating because it is one of the most poisonous fish found in the ocean.

The main food of fish is small insects found in water such as crabs and small creatures. Fish cannot survive in dirty water because the gills of the fish stop working in the dirty water which causes them to die. Pure water for fish is their real life and if they are taken out of the water for some time, they die. This creature on Earth is believed to date back to the days of the dinosaurs.

Some types of fish

  • (1) Killer catfish
  • (2) Daemon fish
  • (3) Death ray death ray
  • (4) whale shark
  • (5) Gold fish
  • (6) Mud skipper
  • (7) Electric Il Fish
  • (8) Stone fish
  • (9) Anablapse
  • (10) Star fish
  • (11) Goliath Tiger Fish

An Essay on camels 600 Word In English

The camel is a pet. And this is a big and powerful animal. Its body is big and its colour is black and brown. Its legs are long. It has a short tail and a hump on its back. The camel has two large eyes that have large hairs on the boho to avoid desert dust so it can see in desert storms and walk in the right direction.

It has two small ears. The camel’s mouth is smaller than its body. It has 34 large teeth in its mouth that grind bushes and leaves like flour. It is about 9 to 10 feet long. The camel has a long neck which allows it to eat the green leaves of the tallest shrubs from which it gets its nutritious food. Its diet consists of dry fodder, wild vegetables, straw etc.

The camel is also called a desert ship because it can sail like a ship floating in the water at a speed of 65 kilometres per hour in the desert. Camel skin is very thick which makes it less sweaty and less thirsty in the desert. The camel can stay in the desert without water for up to 1 month because it has a bag in its stomach to store food and water and it uses this food and water when needed. The camel can store 20 to 30 litres of water in this bag at a time.

Even in the scorching sun, his body stays cold because he has a lot of water in his body. Because of this, when food and water are not available in the desert for many days, he uses the food and water stored in this hut.

The camel is an intelligent animal because it always remembers the path it takes. That is why he never loses his way in the desert. The female camel produces about 5 to 7 litres of milk a day. Camel milk is a highly consumed food and cures dangerous diseases like dengue. Camel milk is very nutritious. It contains copper, vitamins and minerals. Its milk is considered to be more nutritious than cow’s milk.

Camel’s milk stores energy, which enables it to survive in such tolerable and deadly conditions. The female camel gives birth to only one or two cubs once a year. In a day or two after the birth of a baby camel, it will be able to stand on its own two feet.

In our country camels are used as a load. Camels have also been a means of transportation in ancient times and even today camels are used by the army to protect the borders of our country.

Camels have been used in agriculture in Pakistan and India since ancient times and even today small farmers cultivate their fields with the help of camels. People have also made this animal their livelihood. The life span of a camel is 40 to 50 years. He spends his whole life working for human beings and even after his death his body still contains valuable items like leather, strong bones, strong teeth etc.

Camel dung is also used to make compost and is used as fuel after drying camel dung. People who own camels also show them a variety of games, which look as beautiful as the beauty of a camel. Camels are also used in various places. Tourists ride on it, so camels are also used as a trade. And it is also sacrificed. Thus, this useful creation of nature has many benefits in human life.

An Essay on Elephant In English 600 Word

Elephants are considered to be the most powerful of wild animals. There are generally three types of elephants.

  • African bush elephant
  • African wild elephant
  • Asian elephant.

The normal gestation period of an elephant is 22 months. The longest gestation period of any terrestrial animal. The baby elephant weighs 120 kg at birth. The physical life of an elephant is usually up to 70 years. While some elephants live longer than that. An elephant weighs 12,000 kilograms.

The elephant is a big animal as well as a very intelligent animal. And its memory is also very fast. If the elephant is explained and taught, he can easily believe everything we say. The elephant is a wild animal, but it has also been domesticated.

Elephants are kept in zoos to enhance the prestige as well as the interest of children. Elephants have always been very much needed by humans. Its colour is gray and black. Its four legs look like the pillars of a building. And two big ears that look like wings. Its eyes are very small compared to its body. It has a long proboscis and a short tail.

And its feature is that it can lift a huge tree from a needle with its help. In addition to the proboscis, it has two distinctly long, pointed teeth. The soles of its feet are called “plates”. They are soft and they peel off when walking on hard ground. Therefore, elephants prefer to walk in sandy or muddy places.

Elephants usually live in forests and eat branches, leaves, dried straw and wild fruits. Elephants like bananas the most. By the way, domesticated elephants eat bread, bananas and sugarcane. Elephants are herbivorous wild animals.

In ancient times, these kings used to go to work in the battles of the Maharajas. The elephant is a long-lived animal. Even after death, it is very useful. Because even after death, his teeth are used to make various medicines and decorative items. And the elephant is a calm animal but when it is disturbed or attacked it becomes a very dangerous animal.

Elephants prefer to be with caravans in the jungles. They rarely fight with each other and some breeds of elephants are white. Elephants are becoming less and less. Have started making money And most importantly, the forests are slowly disappearing, and their living and eating space is disappearing.

An Essay on dogs 1000 Words in Enlgish

Dogs have been raised as pets since ancient times. There are many breeds of dogs in the world. A dog is a pet that can easily understand human emotions. That is why dogs rejoice in the happiness of human beings and whenever their owner is unhappy, they also become unhappy. The dog is the only creature that does not leave the man alone under any circumstances. He always maintains a friendly attitude towards his master.

Dog costume

The dog is a four-legged animal, with its legs separated from its shoulders, which enables it to run fast. A dog has two bright eyes. Due to which he can easily see even in the dark.

A dog has a tail. The dog’s neck is short and slender. The dog’s anatomy and behaviour are similar to that of wolves and foxes. Dogs have two ears to hear different kinds of sounds. Puppies are called puppies and females are called bitches. There are different types of dogs. And according to their race, their weight and their life is life. Someone’s hair is shorter, someone’s hair is longer, and someone’s hair is similarly different.

Dog traits

  • (1) The scientific name of the dog is Cannes lupus families.
  • (2) An adult dog has 42 teeth in its mouth and a small dog has 28 teeth in its mouth.
  • (3) Compared to humans, dog blood has 13 types while humans have only four types.
  • (4) A small puppy is as intelligent as a human puppy.
  • (5) A dog can dream like a human and understand the emotions of people like a human.
  • (6) The dog’s body sweats only through the nose and fingers.
  • (7) Dogs are 15 to 20 years old.
  • (8) The German Shepherd dog has 22 million cells in its nose compared to humans. Humans, on the other hand, have only 20 million cells. Because of this, dogs can smell any odour or fragrance from a distance.
  • (9) A dog can make ten kinds of sounds out of its mouth.
  • (10) Dogs can hear much more than humans.
  • (11) A bitch can give birth to 6 to 8 children at a time.
  • (12) Whenever a dog is happy, it starts wagging its tail and licks its owner.
  • (13) The dog is the only creature that peeks into the eyes of human beings and finds out how human beings are feeling at the moment.

Dog food

Dogs can eat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. in their diet. He used to eat only meat in the first meal but when humans started feeding him like pets, so he also started eating vegetables.

If a dog is fed chocolate in food, it can cause death because chocolate contains an element that contains theobromine which acts as a poison for the dog’s body.

Dog us

In ancient times, people used dogs to protect themselves from dangerous animals, but today dogs are used to protect their homes and keep thieves away from their homes. Police also use dogs to detect explosives and criminals.

The dog also protects its owner from other people and animals. Dogs are also used in the police departments, scientific research centres, railways, army etc. Dogs are also run for entertainment. Tours are enjoyed in snowy places with sledges tied behind the dogs.

Types of dogs

There are several breeds of dogs in the world, some of which are as follows.
Bulldog, German Shepherd, Akbash Dog, Aries Pointer, Basenji, Barbet, Blue Lucy, Boxer, Bearnard, Corn Terrier, Ken Carso, Polish Greyhound, etc. Different types of dogs are found all over the world

A dog is an excellent pet that is always friendly with humans. We should never hurt dogs. They can’t talk but they can understand our feelings, so they should always be loved.

If dogs are treated fairly, they will in turn protect their owner as well as the home. We should always treat all creatures well because their lives depend on us. If we treat dogs and other animals well, they will treat us well and stay with us.

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An Essay on cats 1000 Word in English

The cat is a very beautiful creation of God and is kept in the house as a pet. Cats love to mingle with humans. Cats are commonly found in every country and are raised as pets at home. The cat likes to relax. The cat sleeps a lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s slow. His body is very flexible and full of energy. Cats are bred in large numbers in Europe and North America.

Anatomy of a cat

The cat’s body is covered with tiny silky hairs and it looks like a little lion cub. The muscles in a cat’s body are very flexible so that it can make long jumps and it does not hurt to fall from a height.

The cat has four legs and its claws and claws are very sharp which makes it very successful in hunting and the grip of its claws is very strong which makes it easy to hunt rats. Can do The underside of its feet is very soft, which is why it does not hear the sound of footsteps whenever it goes hunting.

Cats have different colours like white, brown, black. She has two bright eyes with which she can see clearly even in the dark. Its eyes are green, blue, brown, yellow and black. It has a nose and two ears. With the help of which its power of hearing and smell is very strong. And the cat has a long tail which helps it to maintain balance while jumping.

A kitten has 26 teeth in its mouth while an adult cat has 30 teeth in its mouth. An adult cat weighs 5 to 8 kg. It can give birth to 1 to 10 children at a time.

Cat’s lifestyle

The cat’s lifestyle is as normal as any other, and cats are raised as pets. Only cats are sensible and good and can easily understand human gestures. But the wild cat is a bit angry. She does not like to mingle with humans. The cat’s hunting style is similar to that of a lion, and it reacts by eliminating the sound of meowing.

Whenever the cat is happy, it responds by shaking its tail. Cats love to sleep so they can sleep 8 to 10 hours a day.

Cats love to eat meat, fish, rats, birds, pigeons, milk and bread. She jumps around and wanders around looking for her food.

Cat types

About 36 species of cat are found all over the world, the lion, jaguar and cheetah are the only cat species. Here are the names of some of the cat species: Prophylaxis Orta, Phyllis grips, Caracal, Katopoma temenki, Orilorus Jacobite, etc.

Interesting facts about cats

  • (1) Cats have a population of over 50 million worldwide.
  • (2) A coat can be made from the skins of about 24 cats.
  • (3) A group of cats is called a “Calder”.
  • (4) According to research, about 40,000 people in the United States are bitten by cats each year.
  • (5) A cat can hear better than a dog.
  • (6) A cat can walk for some time at 30 to 40 kilometres per hour.
  • (7) So far a cat has given birth to 19 cubs at a time. Only 15 of them could have grown up.
  • (8) In ancient times the Egyptians worshipped cats.
  • (9) Cats do not get hurt even when jumping from a height of more than 20 meters.
  • (10) A cat can make a leap 5 times its height.
  • (11) A cat’s moustache usually has 12 hairs.
  • (12) A cat lover is called anglophilia.
  • (13) A cat usually has 130,000 hairs.

Cats are very good by nature, we should keep them in love but we should love every animal because it only wants to love you and in return, it gives a sense of humanity and also protects us. ۔


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