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Best Essay On Sparrow In English 500 Words


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The bird is a small bird found in Asia and Europe and Africa. It belongs to the domestic passer domestic bird.

These birds are usually small in body and brown in colour and are also called domestic birds as they are mostly found around houses and also make their nest around the house.

By the way, there are many species of birds in the world, of which the bird is the smallest type of bird and also beautiful. In ancient times they were often found perched on the roofs of trees and houses, but now they are hardly visible. Due to deforestation and poisonous food, the species of birds are declining. The bird is also called by different names such as sparrow bird chimney etc.

These birds are white and light brown in colour and are found throughout the country. The female bird has black marks around its eyes but this is not the case with the male bird. Narcissus has a brighter colour and is more beautiful than a female bird. A bird is about four to seven years old and 14 to 15 centimetres long.

Birds prefer to be in caravans. These birds mostly live around humans and around their homes and make their nests there. The bird lays three to four eggs at a time. Birds travel many miles in search of food and their food consists of grains, beets and insects. It even eats poisonous insects. Female birds are smaller than male birds.

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The bird is brown in colour and has a yellow beak and is very beautiful and strong in appearance. Their eyes are black and their legs are brown but their throat and head are not brown. They have a chi voice and are very attractive to listen to and most of them can be easily seen flying with their caravan in the evening and in the morning. They like all kinds of weather but are rarely seen in mountainous areas.

The worry now is that over time, the tiny species of birds will become extinct. Due to cutting down of trees and lack of space in the walls of houses, they are also having difficulty in making their own nest. And it often happens that when they don’t get food, they eat these poisonous things which kill them. Be able to live your life well.

Various campaigns are being launched to save them. Every year on March 20 this day is celebrated to save the bird and we should support them in saving them.

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