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Effects of Alcohol Short Essay In English


Essay on english Alcohol

Alcohol is a major drug addict. Its habit also hurts the human heart, mind, and moral forces. Shivasting weakens the organs and muscles of the body. Similarly, doctors often recommend patients use alcohol in the state of illness. However, this is also a dangerous item. It weakens the brain, creates cheapness in the body, diminishes the light of the eyes, and creates fading in the eyes.

Alcohol feels a kind of heat in the blood, which causes some server and refreshment in nature. The human being does not know anything and strangers in the same server. There is no difference. He commits what he wants in a state of misery and cheapness, and good thoughts and good intentions are destroyed.

The wine cannot perform its works well. The valuable time drunk is ruined with fun and intoxicants. Some wise men have attributed the drunk to a vicious thief. Who slaps the family and flies all the goods to their ignorance. It is a bandit that occupies all the mental universe.

Alcohol damages the digestive human strength. This causes the human body to become the center of diseases. It has been observed that many diseases of the old drunken, nasty, rash, and irritating diseases are caused by many diseases, and thus they die at a very young age.

In our religious books, alcohol has also been condemned, and it has been declared forbidden, and the drunk man is viewed with contempt by the masses.

The study of history books shows that alcoholism is done by actions that are impossible to be in a state of consciousness. Therefore, we should always protect our feet from alcohol and other dirty drugs. Keep and live a happy life.

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