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Essay On Kabaddi IN English


Short Essay On Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a national sport of India. It is a really interesting sport. Its player has to be vigilant all the time and also has to think of a way to save himself. This game is played in all seasons. This game is very enjoyable in the evenings in hot and rainy weather. There is joy in nature when the cool breeze blows on the body while running.

The game of Kabaddi does not require any special equipment or arrangements. Rural children and young people gather in an open field last afternoon. Participants in the game are divided into two teams of equal players. A line is drawn in the middle. It is called “Pala”. Bricks or some marks are placed on both ends of this line. This is how the game begins.

Players from both teams line up on either side of the middle line. A player of a team comes in through the line and goes towards the opposing team saying Kabaddi Kabaddi and tries to touch a player and come back in one breath. Don’t give up on the way. The players on this site try to catch one of them and not let him go back in one breath.

When the breath is broken, the player loses. In the language of the game, it is said that this player is dead. If he returns, the player he touched is called a dead player. The team that loses all its players first loses. A dead player cannot return to the game unless a player from the opposing team dies.

Nowadays this game has been greatly improved. Now the players do not die in it but decide the victory or defeat through points. The team with the most points wins. In addition, some people also play long kabaddi. In this, the player touches the player of the opposing team and returns in one breath. The opposing team does not try to catch him but runs away from him so that he does not touch them.

Urban youth have been making fun of this game for a long time. It was called the game of the peasants, but by the time the Department of Education adopted the game and started regular competitions with other school sports, the urban youth also started participating in it. The game is now played with equal interest in both rural and urban areas.

The game of Kabaddi resembles the battles of old. This was the style of fighting in those days. A young man would enter the field and challenge his opponent. Hand-to-hand fighting would have started. There is a lot of physical strength involved in the game of Kabaddi. Strong hands and feet, wide chest, athletic body, fast running, breathing exercises, and Harjeet’s decision are all characteristics of good Kabaddi players.

This game is a competition to compete. Strengthens the chest and lungs. Sweating opens the body. Muscles are strong. Keeping these characteristics in mind, the game of Kabaddi is very beneficial for the human body.

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