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Morality is an asset for human beings that can make our world a model of status. Man is actually the name of humanity and humanity is called morality.

The same spirit of human society is based on humanity. In a nation and society which does not have good morals, its core is hollow and unsustainable. Most are pleasant and it is true that without all human virtues such as wisdom, generosity, compassion, and courage, man is like a lifeless body.

Now we need to know what is called moral values ​​or good morals? Good manners are another name for good humor and good manners. A good-natured person always treats others with love and humanity and hates immorality, hatred, and rudeness. Every one of us expects good manners and good behavior and it is the duty of a noble man to make every effort to meet the legitimate expectations of others. Just as no flower without fragrance and color deserves to be called a flower, so no human being without humanity and good morals have the right to be called a human being.

Good manners create such sweetness and sweetness in the nature of man that every word and deed of his seems pleasant. Therefore, the existence of a good-natured human being is like the honey for a human society which turns the bitterness of life into honey by its own effect. On the contrary, immoral people exaggerate this bitterness to such an extent that life itself becomes a poison crescent.

A virtuous person already has the substance of humility and submission because good morals can only be practiced by those who do not have the spirit of pride and selfishness. Can’t meet people naturally with humility. They have a feeling of inferiority which hurts their pride again and again. They try hard to avoid him. The one who is truly superior will never commit immorality and will never dare to commit immorality. Because he will be sure that if he is really big. If he is a man of honor, then bowing down to people and meeting him cannot make the slightest difference in his greatness and greatness. On the contrary, his good morals will only add to his greatness and superiority.

Man does not have to work hard to become a good man. It is like saying, “If he respects the feelings of others and has a little sympathy in his heart, then every precious essence in man shines automatically.” There are hundreds of occasions in our daily life where we can win the hearts of the people and govern them with a few good manners. These small victories make man one day imperceptibly delightful and suddenly he sees that every person stands ready to sacrifice his life at the slightest hint of it. Very high This quality was present in every human being in the world.

The good morals of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are very common in today’s world. The kindness and humor with which you used to treat friends and enemies is a perfect example of humanity for us. This was the reason why even the enemies surrendered and accepted Islam and offered their lives automatically. Sacrifice wealth for them. This is an example of a perfect human being who was the embodiment of morality but also the teacher of morality. This quality was also present in the worldly leaders and great leaders.

Without good morals, human dignity cannot be complete and perfect. No matter how noble a person may be, if he is not of good character, his nobility will be considered really doubtful. A man of modest status even though he does not belong to any noble family if he has this essence in him then he will be liked and looked upon with respect in every situation. If there is evidence of greatness, then it can be said that it is necessary to say that there is a noble and noble soul behind the character of those who are generally good-natured.

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