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Essay on My Favourite Game Hockey in English


Hockey Essay class 8 in English

By the way, I think every sport is good but hockey is my favorite sport. Like cricket and football it is also a very interesting sport. It first started in England and gradually spread all over the world in different forms. At present this game has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan as well.

The hockey team has a total of eleven players. Each player has a “hockey”. Hockey requires a level playing field so that the players do not face any difficulty in playing. Feet long and 120 feet wide.

There are two rounds facing each other with a net behind them and in front of it is a semicircle ie D. The player who stands in it is called a “goalkeeper”. Is.
The victory of a team depends on the ingenuity and agility of the goalkeeper. They are called “fullbacks”. There are three players in front of the fullbacks who are called “halfbacks” and those who pass the ball. Is called “center forward”. There are five in number.
By the way, all the players perform their duties but the center forwards are very helpful in moving the ball back and forth and scoring goals. During the match, a judge is appointed to decide the hockey rules and regulations for the parties.

This is called “referee” in the language of the game. He has full power to start and stop the game and if a player makes a mistake then he decides the same. The referee also decides to win the match. Which is final and final. Appeal against its decision is never accepted.

A good referee is always neutral. Playing hockey is an exercise for the body, the whole body is drenched in sweat and obesity never comes close to the player.
Like other sports, hockey players develop some positive habits. They develop a spirit of helping each other. They develop a habit of respecting their seniors. These good habits help them to become good citizens of the society provide.

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