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Essay on national unity 1500 Woreds in Eng


What is national unity in English?

The government is formed by a coalition of parties, especially in times of national emergency.

What is national unity in social studies?

National unity: This is a kind of government formed by a group of parties, usually during emergencies. It is said that these governments are united on the basis of love for the country rather than political affiliation.

Essay on national unity

There is no religion in the world that teaches us that man should hate the man. Every religion teaches brotherhood and humanity. Keep burning

Every religion tells us that good people love the soil in which they are born. In the fields, streets, and neighborhoods where they grow up playing sports, they love this country from this area. When people of one country live in love with each other, people of other countries do not even look up to them. You can see that the people of the country who fight among themselves in the name of nation, religion, caste, community, race, region, and language follow the path of hypocrisy instead of consensus. People from other countries are not afraid of them at all and it often happens that non-immigrants enslave them.

The people of India used to fight and quarrel with each other. They hated each other on the basis of community, race, religion, color, and language so the British took advantage of this and with their cunning built walls of hatred among the people and gradually occupied India. They continued to rob us and suck our blood following the policy of fight and rule. If all Indians considered themselves close to each other then India would not be a slave and at that time India would be the greatest power in the world. But it is a pity that even after so many years of slavery, we have not come to our senses.

If you look at any newspaper in India today, you will see one and half news of a clash between two groups. If there is a riot between Hindus and Muslims then there is a report detailing the riot between Shia and Sunni Muslims. One day the news comes in the newspaper that the people of a certain village have attacked each other. Somewhere there is mention of Jat non-Jat fighting. News of short-lived Hindu-Muslim, Muslim-Muslim, Hindu-Harijan, and Hindu-Hindu riots continue to adorn the newspapers every day. This shows that even after so many years of slavery, we have not learned anything.

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The world has come a long way in the field of development but we are still wandering in the jungle civilization. Civilized nations do not fight among themselves. Even if there are millions of differences between them, they solve their problems through dialogue. But Bawa Adam of India is unique. If any incident or accident happens here, sectarian riots start based on it and our jug ​​is heard in the jug.

Who does this mischief? Obviously, decent people do not do such things, they are worried about their livelihood. In such riots, the loss is also to the noblemen and workers. The capitalists are anxious to increase their capital.

Then who causes the conflict? The rioters are politicians. They do not shy away from shedding human blood for the sake of their own leadership. They are aided by the sectarian newspapers which, in order to raise their own goats, add salt and pepper to such incidents and seek to gain their advantage by writing against another sect in their columns.

There are very few newspapers that can be called nationalists and which oppose such riots. Similarly, there are very few politicians who sincerely want all Indians to be brothers.

All Indians should understand that if we agree, our country will prosper. The blacks will not be able to blackmail, there will be no hoarding, and the market for fraud and bribery will go cold. With the blessing of consensus, many of our problems will be solved, the country will be on the path of development and if there is hypocrisy, not only will our development stop but India will also become very weak.

Whenever there is hypocrisy in India, then troubles have befallen us. If we learn from history and learn to live together, not only can our problems be eased quickly but we can also live happily ever after. There are many stories about coincidence in history and literature books. We read them every day but to no avail. You have often heard the story that once many pigeons went to a forest in search of food.

Where a hunter had set a trap and grains were scattered on the ground. Their leader was very wise. He said to them, “Brothers!” Now we are stuck. Only our coincidence can save us at this time. If we selfishly try to save our own lives we will be in a bad situation and if we work together to save each other we will all be free. Then blow up all the nets and take them somewhere. Obeying their master, all the pigeons pressed hard and flew away with their nets. When they reached a distant hill, they cut the rope one by one and became free.

There is another similar story. Four bulls lived in a forest and they were very friendly. A lion came to this forest and he wanted to eat the delicious meat of these bulls. When the oxen found out that the lion had come into the forest, they held a meeting and considered the arrival of the lion as a threat to them and thought of a solution. In the end, they decided that the four of them would stay together and when the lion came to attack them they would stand in one place and turn their faces around so that the lion could not attack from behind. One’s feet would have joined each other. When the lion comes from the front, it will not be able to compete with its pointed horns.

A few days later when the lion attacked them When he came to do so, the pointed horns of a bull were ready to fight him. When he turned and came from the other side, the other bull approached him blowing. Then the lion ran away and now he was thinking about how to hunt them. These bulls were a problem for him. The four of them agreed and they could have stopped the attack from all sides.

These stories teach us that if we live by chance, we will benefit, and by hypocrisy, we are destroyed. By hypocrisy, we cannot face our enemy. This story also teaches that there are some people in the world who are jealous of our unity and create hypocrisy in us for their own selfishness. We should avoid such people.

And we should be very careful of those who are in our society because these selfish people destroy the unity of the country for their own benefit. Similarly, there are some countries that do not want us Indians to live in love with each other. We have to be wary of these countries as well. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians in India must agree. If we do not do this, our doom will be like the four oxen of the story.

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