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Essay on Nature 1000 Words in English


Short Essay on Nature in Eng

Nature is an important part of mankind. This is one of the great blessings of human life.

Nature has been an inspiration to countless poets, writers, artists, and old men. This remarkable creation inspired him to write poems and stories in his honor.

He really valued nature which is reflected in his works even today.

Basically, nature is all we are surrounded by, like the water we drink, the air we breathe, the sun we get light from, the birds we hear chirping, and the moon we see. There are many more.

The importance of nature

Above all, it is full and dynamic and consists of both living and non-living things. Therefore, people of modern times should also learn something from old people and start appreciating nature before it is too late.

Nature came into existence long before human beings and from the beginning, it has taken care of mankind and nurtured it forever.

In other words, it provides us with a protective layer that protects us from all kinds of ransom and loss. Without nature the survival of mankind is impossible and human beings need to understand this.

If nature has the power to protect us, it is also powerful enough to destroy all of humanity. Every form of nature, for example, plants, animals, rivers, mountains, moons, and more are equally important to us. The absence of one element is enough to wreak havoc on the work of human life.

We complement our healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, which nature gives us. Similarly, it provides us with water and food.

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Rain and sunshine, the two most important elements for survival, are derived from nature.

Furthermore, the air we breathe and the wood we use for various purposes is just a gift of nature. But, with the advancement of technology, people are not paying attention to nature. The need for protection and balance of natural resources is increasing day by day and needs immediate attention.

Nature Conservation:

To protect nature, we must take immediate and drastic measures to avoid further damage. The most important step is to stop deforestation at all levels. There are serious consequences in various fields of deforestation. It can easily cause soil erosion and also reduce rainfall on a large scale.

Contaminated seawater should be banned immediately by all industries as it causes severe water shortages. Excessive use of automobiles, air conditioners, and ovens emit chlorofluorocarbons which deplete the ozone layer. This, in turn, causes global warming which causes thermal expansion and melting of glaciers.

Therefore, we should avoid personal use of vehicles, but rather use public transport more. We should invest in solar energy while providing an opportunity to replenish natural resources.

After all, nature has a powerful transformative power that is responsible for the work of life on earth. It is essential for the prosperity of mankind, so it is our duty to preserve it for our future generations. We must stop selfish activities and do our best to protect natural resources so that life on earth can flourish forever.

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