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Essay On Peacock In English 500 Words


Essay On Peacock In English 500 Words

The peacock is a bird. It is also called peacock in Arabic. The peacock is an Asian and African bird. The peacock is a very beautiful bird. The male peacock has a crown on his head called a crest. It is green and dark blue in colour and the peacock female is dark brown in colour which is called (peacock).

Essay On Peacock In English 500 Words

In English the peacock is called peacock and the female peacock is called peahen and their young are called peachicks and they have many colours.

Different types of peacocks are found in different areas. The peacock is the national bird of India. The peacock is a beautiful bird whose charm is its long tail. The peacock is most commonly seen in the summer. This bird is famous not only in its homeland India but also in the whole world and since ancient times. In Arab countries, peacocks and ostrich feathers are used for decoration.

Everyone is proud of the beauty of the peacock’s wings and tail. Some people even consider it ominous because the reason for removing Adam from Paradise was peacock which paved the way for Iblis to enter Paradise.

The peacock is famous for its beauty. They have green and golden feathers on their wings. They have eye-shaped markings that are green and dark blue. The same colours are found on his head, neck and head.

Peacocks do not fly very high, so they spend a lot of time on the ground. They eat food grains, insects, spiders and snakes and even these poisonous snakes. They range in length from three to five feet, and the female peacock is two and a half to three feet long. Peacock feathers usually fall off in the month of August and then new feathers start growing on their tail and peacock feathers are as soft as any muslin cloth.

The peacock is a shy quiet bird and is afraid of humans. The peacock always stays with the caravan. Usually, three or four peacocks live together. The peacock’s voice is so loud that it can be heard from a great distance. Due to its large size, it cannot be flown much farther, so peacocks like to walk more, and one of the main characteristics of peacocks is that they make loud noises before it rains. And when it rains he is very happy and because of this happiness, he spreads his wings and dances slowly. Its feathers are also used for decoration and medicine is also made from its feathers. Due to this, its prey has increased and for this reason, its prey has been banned. Peacocks are mostly found in areas like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

The peacock is between 15 and 25 years old and has a very good hearing in the ears of the peacock and he can hear even a slight whisper and its claws are very pointed. Morocco is also called the king of birds, it is easily seen in green areas and around fields and the peacock is considered a good friend of farmers because it is eaten by insects that grow on crops.

From its wings, the peacock’s feathers were engraved in ancient times, and Emperor Shah Jahan, seeing the beauty of the peacock’s eyes, drew a similar map of his endurance which took 6 years to make. Precious diamonds and pearls were imported from many places.

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