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Essay On Self Confidence


Confidence Essay in English

Self-esteem is another name for self-confidence. This goodness is one of the best qualities of a human being. A man who has the attribute of self-esteem is considered the best man. A person with self-esteem can go far in the world.

Self-esteem means trusting yourself. Such a person is successful and successful in every stage of life. No suffering and trouble in the world can cause it. Self-trusted man can subdue the enemy. He comes out with his attributes to roar the enemy’s ranks, just as a high-speed ship breaks out of the clouds. Self-esteem is the name of man’s courage and determination.

Self-esteem is found to be great and important in the world. Those who grew up in the world had full faith in themself, which is why no difficult and difficulty in the world could be found in their foundations. The self-confident man has not only made his name in the world but also has brought his nation to the height of the world. With self-esteem and courage, the people of the world won their hearts. These people continued their mission with courage and courage. And showed the nation a straight path.

The accuracy of his work completely trusts a man of self-esteem. Opposition situations do not make a difference in his intentions and intentions. He sticks to his purpose like a rock. His footsteps kiss.

Self-esteem encourages a person to trust himself. He makes his destiny. He does not trust anyone to fight for his life. History has witnessed that people with self-esteem have made their fate. Salahuddin Ayubi, Babar, and dogs should be named, and there is a whole galaxy of self-esteem has taught the world about their self-esteem.

Allama Iqbal’s self-esteem is actually in the hands of a destiny that does not trust himself. For a human being, a human being is nothing. He is in the hands of destiny, but everything with self-esteem and self-esteem. Thanks to self-esteem, the world has big and new revelations and inventions, such as aircraft, the radio, the telephone, television, computers, etc. And those who wear the stars are also dedicated to the spirit of self-esteem, and they can go on the moon.

Self-confident glasses are optimistic. They are not disappointed with their purpose in anti -circumstances. In the past, we find the best example of this during the Second Battle, how the allies defeated Hitler by working on his self-esteem.

Self-esteem makes the role of a nation. Self-esteem is very important for students like other human beings. It has been commonly seen that many intelligent students fail in their exams because they are not sure; they look at each of their lessons with suspicion. That was why they failed on the occasion of the exam. On the contrary, many blunt-minded students are successful at very high numbers because of themselves. Due to self-esteem and self-esteem, the man does not care about the shortage of his party.

Self-esteem is convinced of self-esteem. He does not ask any questions in front of anyone in a state of ignorance. He removes gold from the stone and the clay with courage and courage. The self-esteem of many helpless human beings has brought the world to the highest level. On the contrary, many were caught in trouble due to uncertainty.

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