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Essay on summer vacation 500 Word in English


Essay on summer vacation

Essay on summer vacation 500 Word in English

Summer vacations are the funniest day ever. Due to the hot weather these days, children are given time off from school. Which makes the children very happy. Because at that time there is no pressure to read and write. It’s all about just playing around and having fun and kids have a lot of fun these days.

Summer vacations are for children only, but children, as well as adults, enjoy these vacations. When there is summer vacation, the elders of the house also get a vacation. Getting children ready for school in the morning, making them tiffins and dropping them off at school, all these things give the adults of the house a holiday and for a few days, they live a comfortable life.

Most of the children spend their summer vacations with their grandparents or their aunts. And especially when Nani Nana Yakhala Khalo’s house is in the village, the enjoyment of summer vacation is doubled. The lifestyle of the village is very simple. The weather here is cool and serene which makes it feel a little better.

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Like every time, this summer to we went to Dala Patti village of Mirzapur. Where my aunts and uncles also live. His house is on the opposite side of the river. And outside their house is a garden of vegetables and fruits. Going to these gardens and picking green vegetables and eating fresh guavas is a lot of fun.

The view of their house in the evening is a bit different. It is refreshing to see the birds chirping and the beautiful view of the river. We all play some games in the fields all day. And when it’s evening time, Khalo Jan takes us all on his bike around the city. Going there, we have a lot of fun eating a lot of gossip and licking.

Apart from this, Urs is held on hot summer days at Kantat Sharif in Mirzapur. And during the Urs, there is a big festival. During the summer holidays, we all enjoy this festival as well as visiting other places. There are big swings in this festival. On which we all sit and enjoy. In Kant’s Urs, there are also big food and drink shops. And there’s also a bangle shop, necklaces and children’s toys. As well as going around the fair, there are also good shopping. This is how we all enjoy our summer vacation.

During the summer holidays, we spend all day in Mirzapur. And then some days his other aunt who lives in Banaras goes there. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes.

We all enjoy summer vacations every year. That is why we all look forward to these days every year. And as soon as the summer holidays begin. We all go for a walk together.

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