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Essay Writing on My Parents


My Parents essay in English 500 words

We came into this world because of our parents.

These are our parents who gave us life and we must learn to be content with it.

I am grateful to my parents for everything they do for me.

Through my parents’ article, I want to show how precious they are to me and how much I respect and admire them.

My parents are my strengths that support me at every stage of life.

I can’t imagine my life without them.

My parents are like a guiding light, guiding me to the right path whenever I go astray.

My mother is a housewife and she is the strongest woman I know.

She helps me with my work and feeds me delicious food.

She was a teacher but quit her job to take care of her children.

My mother has made many sacrifices for us of which we are not even aware.

She always cares for us and puts us in front of her.

She never gets up late. Moreover, they are like a glue that unites us as a family.

Parents are the strength and support of their children.

They carry a lot of responsibilities with them but they never show it.

We should be thankful to parents in our lives because not everyone has parents.

While my mother always works at home, my father is the one who works outside.

She is a kind person who helps my mother whenever she can.

He is a loving man who helps those in need.

My father is a social figure who also communicates with our neighbors.

In addition, they specialize in maintaining relationships with our relatives.

My father works as a businessman and works very hard.

Even though he is a busy man, he always makes time for us.

We spend our holidays on picnics or dinners.

I admire my father for doing so much for us without complaint.

He is a popular man in the community because he is always there to help others.

Whoever asks them for help, my father always helps them.

So, he is a well known man and a loving father I look up to.

End of my parents’ article
I love both my parents very much

They are kind people who have taught their children to be the same.

I wish to be like my parents and to have success in life with their blessings.

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