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Essay Writing on Picnic in English


Short Picnic essay writing in English 10 Line Class 8

Picnic is one of the most exciting things that children and adults alike love.

It helps divert us from everyday life and adds diversity to our lives.

Importance of picnic:
Picnic is very important because it adds flavor to our lives.

Picnics smooth our existence and take us out of our daily routine.

What’s more, picnics bring us the best in us.

We can also enjoy the picnic physically and mentally.

We also enjoy physical activity during the picnic.

Walking and sports are good for our body and it also improves our endurance.

My school organized a picnic on International Children’s Day.

It has been one of the most memorable days of my life.

The school took us to a resort with swings and greenery.

We got there by bus with all our friends.

Arriving at the place, they gave us hot tomato soup as it was getting cold.

After that, we walked around the resort full of greenery.

I took lots of pictures with my friends and teachers.

At lunch, my school gave us a hot and delicious meal that was very nutritious.

It had fried cottage cheese, boiled rice, hot chapatis, potato curry, and spicy yogurt.

Everyone liked the food and finished it in no time.

After that, we played a lot of games. The resort was organizing a race.

I participated in it with my friends.

We took second place and won a prize for delicious snacks and delicious stationery.

Finally, the picnic ended with a group photo with friends and teachers.

On the way back, we sang a lot of songs together and had a lot of fun during the picnic.

Overall, picnics are great for reviving love and bonding with each other.

It improves your mental and physical health.

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