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Essay Writing on The Importance of Water in English


Essay Importance of Water in English

Water is essential for the functioning of all living things on earth.

Life is impossible without water.

Water is the basis of our existence if we talk about our personal life.

The human body needs water for its daily survival.

We can live for a whole week without any food but without water, we will not be able to survive even 3 days.

In addition, our body itself is 70% water. As a result, it helps our body to function normally.

Thus, lack of proper water or use of contaminated water can lead to serious health problems for humans.

Therefore, the quantity and quality of water we use is essential for our physical health and well-being.

Moreover, our daily activities are incomplete without water.

Whether we get up in the morning to brush or cook, it’s just as important.

This domestic use of water makes us heavily dependent on this transparent chemical.

In addition, large scale industries use a lot of water.

They need water for almost every step of their process.

It is essential for the production of the goods we use every day.

If we look beyond human consumption, we will realize how important water is in the life of every living thing.

This is home to aquatic animals. From a tiny insect to a whale, every living thing needs water to survive.

Therefore, we see that not only humans but also plants and animals need water.

Land depends on water for operation. We cannot be selfish and use it for our work without caring about the environment

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