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Importance Of Sports Essay In English 1500 Words


Sports Essay for Students and Children in English 1500 Words.

Importance Of Sports Essay In English

The elders have said that it is very important for a healthy mind to have a healthy body because a healthy mind can be built on top of a healthy body. That’s exactly right. If a person’s health is not good, the body will be the home to sick diseases, then it is natural that the person will be restless, and he will not have peace of mind. When he does not get peace of mind, he will obviously not be able to think easily. That is why the elders say that every human being must play some of the other sports to maintain his physical and mental health.

In childhood, through sports, the child can do every exercise. In the days of study, when the study is necessary, sports are also very important. The balance between the two should be maintained so that not only children can study well but also maintain their health.

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Only those who are in good health succeed in the struggle of life. Some students become bookworms all the time and do not pay attention to sports. Their health deteriorates and some of them even lose their eyesight due to which they wear glasses in their childhood.

Although these students get a good position in exams, they cannot progress when they grow up. They live off of hard work because health does not allow them to work hard. In contrast, students who exercise during their school days or participate in sports can easily jump into life’s struggles and progress by working hard in the days to come.

The first benefit of sports

Sport is better than exercise because it exercises the whole body and at the same time playing with friends is also somewhat entertaining. Therefore, with this in mind, we can say that the greatest benefit of sports is that a person’s health improves in childhood and he becomes capable of hard work in life.

Another benefit of sports

Another benefit of sports is that it teaches us to be disciplined and has certain rules and regulations of the game. Players follow these rules. When someone broke the rules, the referee blew the whistle and told him that a member of the team had violated the rules. A nation that leaves discipline is destroyed and its development stops.

From the very beginning of life, if boys and girls learn to be disciplined through sports, then this habit lasts for a lifetime, and after sports, man becomes bound to discipline even in the field of life. Therefore, it has been declared very important to have sports parades in schools so that students can learn discipline as well as education. And it would not be wrong to say that discipline is an important part of education.

The third benefit of sports

The third benefit of sports is cooperation. No member of either team plays a game alone but tries to beat the other team with the help of his teammates. In this endeavor, all the members of the team help each other, and victory is achieved only through mutual cooperation.

If we succeed in inculcating the spirit of mutual cooperation in our childhood, it will benefit us in life. It has been observed that no human being can take part in the struggle of life alone. In this regard, he needs the help of his friends. Man gets help in life only when he comes to the service of others. This is also the principle that if we come to the aid of others, then obviously others will also come to our aid. This passion slowly develops and matures in us during sports. It can be said that sports not only strengthen us physically but also help us to move forward while helping each other.

The fourth benefit of sports

The fourth benefit of sports is that we learn to tolerate successes as well as failures in the struggle of life. When two teams compete against each other, it is obvious that they do not win at the same time. One team wins and the other loses. Despite this, both teams congratulate each other. The members of the losing team, while acknowledging their defeat with a smile, compliment the members of the other team, congratulate them and then return and practice again so that they can win the next match.

It gradually becomes our habit and when we grow up, even if there are difficulties in life, we accept them with a smile and they try again to overcome these difficulties. When they fail, they do not lose heart, but re-prepare and jump into the arena to win.

Accepting your failure in life with a smile on your face and trying again to reach your destination is a very good and commendable habit and we can easily develop this habit through sports.

The fifth advantage of sports

When a person studies or works hard physically or mentally, his body gets tired. Health experts say that recreation is the best treatment for fatigue. Some people think that after mental or physical exertion a kind of poison is produced in our body and when we have fun, because of this we get happy and this happiness is inside our body. Helps to eliminate toxins.

The best way to have fun in childhood is to participate in sports. It brings happiness, exercise, and recreation. This speeds up the blood circulation and carries oxygen to every part of the body which makes the body symmetrical, beautiful, and healthy. The human face becomes radiant, the sadness goes away and the human becomes smiling. Therefore, it has been commonly observed that the players are smiling and present and this is only due to sports.

The sixth benefit of sports

One of the benefits of sports is that man learns to follow the law of nature. If you look at the weather, there are hot, cold, spring, and rainy seasons. Day after night, night after night. After wheat, another crop is sown in the fields and then wheat is sown in the field after this crop. If the same crop is harvested and the same crop is sown in it again, the yield decreases. This is because nature does not keep the situation the same but changes it.

Since sports are essential in schools, we follow the principle of nature. After studying, it is time for sports and then it is time to study. In this way, the speed of work increases by working alternately. The fact that sports are necessary and practiced in school results in an increase in the speed of learning among the students and at the same time increasing the interest in sports has a positive effect on the health of the people.

Therefore, in our opinion, all the students should take part in sports along with their studies and regularly take some time every day to take part in some of the other sports. Even on exam days one should do a little exercise or go to the playground for an hour and a half to have fun. This will allow them to be refreshed and able to repeat in a healthy way.

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