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Importance of Time Essay in English


Essay on time in English

Doing a task on time is called punctuality. Only a person who does a task on time can be successful in this world. Whether rich or poor. On the other hand, by being punctual in a few tasks, a person can live happily ever after.

It is said that the famous king Napoleon arrived on the battlefield a few minutes late, as a result of which he was defeated. Time is a great treasure. Time is a great treasure.
We can get back the lost wealth but the time that has passed can never come back.

All the scenes of nature teach us punctuality.
The change of seasons, the rising and setting of the moon and the sun, everything happens on time.

People who follow this golden rule get a very good name and respect for the rest of their lives. They do not succeed in their goal.
Members of Islam teach us punctuality. The muezzin calls us to the mosque by giving the call to prayer on time. And we can pray on time. Someone has told the truth that time is man’s greatest friend and enemy.

If one values ​​it, it benefits him, and those who do not value it suffer. Individuals, as well as nations, must take care of punctuality.

Punctuality is very important for students. If a student wakes up early in the morning and goes to school on time, his health and education will improve.
However, he who does not value time will not succeed.
Our lives are very short and we have a lot of work to do.

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