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India Independence Day Essay in Eng 1000 words


India became independent on August 15, 1947. Englishmen. Kept India enslaved for about 200 years. At first, Indians were divided. Here the kings and maharajas were against each other. They used to quarrel with each other. Many kings also oppressed the people so the people were also against the kings.

The British took advantage of the rift between the Indians and gradually took over the whole of India. He came to India for trade but established his government here.

When the British saw that they had now completely occupied India, they started looting here. The top artisans here have been eliminated. They used to take raw materials from India to England and then make them in factories there and sell them to Indians at very high prices. And at the same time, they began to oppress the Indians. Thus the idea of ​​liberating their country arose in the hearts of Indians.

The Indians fought their first war of independence in 1857 which was termed treason by the British.

After thirty or forty years of silence, the Indians resumed their struggle for independence. The Indian National Congress was founded at the end of the last century and later Mahatma Gandhi joined the movement. Mahatma Gandhi gave a new color to the struggle. You have taken the path of non-violence. Inspired by the personality of Mahatma Gandhi, Ali Brothers, Pandit Motilal Nehru, Hakeem Ahmed Khan, Dr. Ansari, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sheikh Abdullah, J. Prakash Narain, Master Tara Singh, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Zakir Hussain and many others Announced to accompany. Thanks to the service and sacrifices of all these people, the British government was forced to liberate India, and finally on 15th August 1947, the British divided India and made their bed, and left. Thus, on August 15, 1947, India became independent.

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Indians had sacrificed a lot for this freedom. In Kashmir, Sheikh Abdullah, the beloved leader of Kashmir, was imprisoned by the ruler of Kashmir, and to appease the British, the rulers of Kashmir brutally tortured Sheikh Abdullah, Congress leaders, and National Conference workers. They were imprisoned and beaten. Gone, properties seized.

In Punjab, Sardar Bhagat Singh and his associates were hanged. Thousands of people were martyred by firing on unarmed Punjabis in Jallianwala Bagh. Many Akali brothers were locked up in jails and bullets were used. Mangal Pandey and his associates were harassed in UP. In Bengal, Subhash Chandra Bush and others were imprisoned and the patriots were severely harassed. What was the oppression that did not happen to these patriots? The same was the case with other provinces. Waves of oppression were running all over India.

At first, the Indians wanted independence from the British, but seeing their tyranny, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru chanted the slogan of complete independence at the Lahore Congress. Although the British tried hard to divide the Indians and rule, now the nation was awake. Even though the British had created sectarianism here, the Hindus and Muslims of India all wanted the British to leave India. After the Second World War, the condition of the British deteriorated. World conditions had changed so the British were forced to liberate India.

Now every year August 15th is celebrated with great fanfare. This day is a holiday of independence all over India. There are special programs in schools and colleges. Official parades are also held at various places. National flags are flown at government buildings and other places. On this day, any institution can salute it by waving the national flag. People light up at night. Sweets are distributed among the children. A special program is organized by the government at each district headquarters. The President of India gives a special message to the nation on this day. August 15 is celebrated with great fanfare by Indians and has been declared our national festival. This day is celebrated with great fanfare wherever there are Indian embassies.

Although we have achieved independence, it can only be called complete independence if we take the whole of India and society on the same path that other independent countries follow. The British created many evils in India. As long as these evils persist we cannot call ourselves completely free. How can we call ourselves free until these evils are removed from here along with the British? Therefore, it is our duty to work together to eradicate the evils of our country.

In India, the British had adopted a policy of divide and rule. Many years have passed since our liberation but it is a shame for us that we have not yet been able to separate ourselves from sectarianism. A man should love man, all human beings are equal, but it is a pity that in India, there is hatred between Hindus, Muslims, non-Hindus, and non-Harijans. Somewhere in the name of the language, religion, race, and province. We have to rise above these things. If we do not do this, it will be very detrimental to India.

Because of the heat, we have been slaves before and can be destroyed again.

India’s capitalists are robbing society with both hands. Unemployment, inflation, etc. are rising in the country. Poor people are getting poorer and poorer, workers are being exploited, the market for bribery is heating up and politics has become a game of the devil. People’s moral standards and values ​​have fallen. If we are to take full advantage of the freedom and call ourselves free citizens, we must work hard to eradicate these evils.

Politics must be turned into a sacred profession, Burst Four must be eliminated from government offices. Those who fan the flames of sectarianism must be cracked down on. Must be saved from their clutches. Therefore, both the government and the people must work together for the survival of independence against the social evils as they did against the British. Only then will we deserve to be called free Indians.

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