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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Essay 500 -1000



essay on knowledge is power in 500 to 100 words forbs, BSc, and ba all Students.

knowledge Gives power

Physically man is weaker than animals. He has no natural weapons of defence. Yet we see that he is the master of all. He can overpower the strong and savage beasts. He has been able to gain a central position on earth. It is all through his knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge is the understanding of all religious, mental, moral and physical, and the principles which regulate dial them. It gives a man power over other things.

Various inventions

The man was a helpless being when he was sent to this earth. He discovered fire, learnt its use and acquired power. His knowledge of physical science went on increasing During the course of time he got mastery over the various forces of Nature. He has invented the telegraph, the telephone, steam engines, railways, aeroplanes, rockets and space ships. Machines work for him.


Atomic energy and electricity are his maid-servants. He can fly in the skies and go deep into the oceans. Through the power of scientific research, he has conquered the moon. It is all through knowledge.

Knowledge of Self

The knowledge of the self and other is also a great power. It is the greatest and the most valuable and powerful of all the branches of knowledge. It assists us to understand and reading correctly the excellence and defects of the human mind. It helps us to know our own merits. This consciousness of power urges us the performance of miracles. By self-knowledge, we become alive to our own defects and limitations.

This knowledge will stimulate us to correct our shortcomings. It broadens our outlook and enables us to solve our problems. True power is the power over the minds of others. It is the power not of might or violence but it is the power of truth and love. knowledge of others is of immense benefit in our practical life. If we know accurately the wishes, sentiments, virtues and vices of others we can easily lord over them. All great leaders of men are gifted with a remarkable knowledge of human nature.

Men of knowledge are the leaders

Educated persons are the springs of useful ideas and improvements The educated minority will certainly guide and lead the un-educated majority for all times to come. It has been observed in all countries that men of knowledge are the leaders of every great movement.

Man’s art and literature, his philosophy and science, his music, his laws and institutions all reveal the power of knowledge. Our admiration of artists, writers, speakers, musicians, philosophers and scientists is a tribute to this power.

Knowledge a Source of wealth and fame

knowledge is of immense help to us in the acquisition of wealth, rank and fame. It, is, therefore, a hundred times super to gold. It confers power on us in every walk of life, matures our wisdom. It makes us around better, happier and more useful. It makes us energetic efficient, and resourceful to a greater degree in the pursuit of all the high ideals of life.

The superiority of one nation over another is also to its superiority in knowledge. “A king is honoured in his country, but a learned man is honoured everywhere.” This is the power of knowledge.



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