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Mobile Phone Essay in English


Mobil Essay in English 100 words

The best and most useful invention of today is the mobile phone. It has become a necessity for everyone whether it is women or men, children or old people.

Mobile phones have become so ingrained in our lives that life seems incomplete without them. Mobile phones are the fastest and easiest means of communication. Light in weight and small in size, it can easily fit in a pocket.

In today’s world mobile phone is a cause of mercy. Mobile phone has eliminated the worries of people. Now people can avoid the hassle of waiting.

In view of the growing importance of mobile phones, many mobile companies have now introduced mobiles that are cheap to buy and high in performance.

Modern mobiles are like a mini computer. They also have internet access. Mobile is the most important tool to get rid of boredom Can enjoy.

Mobile misuse

While there are numerous benefits to every scientific invention, there are also some disadvantages.

For example, improper use of mobile phones is reducing the tendency of students towards education. Some children waste their time in watching movies and playing games on their mobiles. Excessive use of mobile phones impairs vision. Make people your friends by using Facebook unnecessarily

They take photos that they don’t really know and share their photos and videos with them which makes them feel embarrassed. There is a society that is deteriorating.

Advantages of mobile phone
There are numerous benefits to using a mobile phone. For example, student can increase their vocabulary by using a mobile dictionary.

They can read any book online. Besides, they can learn grammar. Mobile phone is also a great boon for business men. Using mobile internet can grow their business.

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