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My Last Day at School Essay in English


school Last Day essay in English

Man has many good and bad memories of his past. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

You may forget about your first day at school but you will never forget your last day at school.

The first and last days of school are of special importance to the students. Although the first day of school can be a source of anxiety, fear and panic, the last day is certainly a day of hope, confidence and preparation.

My last day at school is still fresh in my memory. I felt very calm because there was no teaching work that day.

At last the heavy sachel was off my back. It was a great relief for me and my other classmates. I took the bus quite comfortably and reached the school bus stop. My school was a little far from this place.

So, I started walking with my other classmates who were already there . They kept talking nonsense and together they became very good people.

We were here because our ninth grade juniors hosted a farewell party. It was amazing to realize that we were seniors and had been entertained by our junior schoolmates.

The food was well arranged by the ninth graders. The menu was not large but there was plenty of food available. We were offered a variety of meats and teas.

After refreshments, a small ceremony was arranged. Our capable headmasters and kind teachers also took part in it.

It started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and later a boy recited Naat and made the audience happy with his melodious voice. Some regular farewell speeches were made on the occasion.

Finally, the headmaster addressed the gathering and advised the students to work with devotion and behave well for success and prosperity in life.

Before dispersing, we thanked our juniors for their wonderful farewell party. It was one of the most memorable days of my life and I will never forget it

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