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my school essay 10 lines in English


School Essay in English G1 to G10 Class

I am a student at National Public High School, Mardan. Everyone loves their home, their neighborhood, their city, and their country. In the same way, every student loves his school. I also have a special attachment to my school.

I have spent ten years of my childhood in this school so I love everything about this school. I love the bricks, the trees, the trees, the plants, the walls, the rooms, everything. I see this school as a part of my being. I love every student and peon in my school. I have great respect for the staff of this school and all the teachers are kind to me.

The teachers at this school teach us like their own children. We pay special attention to each of us. They are the companions of our sorrows. They are very hardworking and worthy. Whenever the headmaster gets a chance during office hours, he starts reading. There are piles of books in his house and office. You are so good that whatever you read at home or at school you read in the next morning’s assembly. In this way our acquaintance grows every day and we know new things. Keeps going

Our teachers often tell us in the class what they read. In this way our knowledge in the student age has become very wide and we definitely know a little bit about each subject. It would not be wrong to say that the teaching in our school is as it should be, because the real purpose of education is to nurture the mind of the student and it is continuous.

Our school is a very old institution, probably the oldest school in the city. Its building is quite large. There is a spacious hall in which three or four hundred students can sit. This is how our annual exams are. Occasionally the city convenes a meeting here. There are thirty or forty rooms in the high school. They are very clean. Ramdin, the school’s chaplain, takes turns sweeping the dust on the tables in all the rooms. After cleaning the rooms in the morning, he also does a small spray. Sometimes the school financier lends a hand and Chaprasi helps the financier in every possible way on the day off.

In addition to cleanliness, the school has reasonable lighting arrangements. When I entered this school, there were few fans in the rooms, but now there are two or three fans in each room. The school also has its own canteen where tea and refreshments are available very cheaply. In this canteen also special care is taken for cleanliness. The headmaster inspects the canteen and rooms every second or third day.

Along with cleanliness, better teaching methods are adopted in the school. Special care is taken of incompetent students while studying. Their shortcomings are eliminated by giving them extra time. Every two to three months, parents are informed about their child’s education and development. A parent-teacher meeting is called every last Sunday at the school, thus deepening the relationship between parents and teachers. If a boy is wrong or poor in reading, his parents are consulted and efforts are made to correct him. Due to the special focus on education, the results of the school are very high compared to other schools. Many students appear on the merit list each year.

Many of the students at this school are now in senior positions. Some are even in the army. Our headmasters try to get the old boys of the school to come together once a year. This is usually done on the days of Diwali or Eid. Even on August 15 and January 26, the school staff tries to get the flag hoisting ceremony performed by an old student. Every year the school staff succeeds in doing so. Then the discussion goes on for days. The students of this school prepare well before each ceremony. The rooms are decorated. Colorful flags are hung in the hall. Lime is applied to walls, trees and beds. The day of the ceremony is very lively.

The school library is also very popular. There are many books in Urdu-Hindi-English-Punjabi etc. There are also many children’s magazines. Three or four newspapers are also bought every day. Every student is asked to read one book a week from the library. The library clerk is there all the time and whenever a student goes to pick up or change a book, he smiles and gives him a good book according to his taste.

I will pray to God that this school will always be safe. May every one of our teachers live a long life and may the students of this school make progress in life and make their parents and this school famous.

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