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Population Problem Essay in English 600 word


What are the common problems in the population?

The problem of the population gives rise to problems of food shortage, unemployment, urban slums, environmental degradation, etc. and it is the biggest factor that hinders economic and social development.

What is the main problem of population explosion?

The major factors responsible for the population explosion are illiteracy, declining mortality, increasing birth rates, and increasing life expectancy.

Population Problem Essay 600 words in eng

The population is one of the most important issues in India. Our country’s population has grown so much that the country’s resources have not been enough to meet the living needs of all these people.

Population growth has an impact on the country in many ways. The standard of living and living of the people is declining. The development work of the country is hampered. Unemployment, poverty, and hunger increase because the resources of any country can only be sufficient for a certain population. As the population grows, so does their population. That is why India, once called the Golden Sparrow, is today one of the poorest and most backward countries in the world.

Impact of growing population on various aspects

\The most important thing in human needs is food. In the last few years, the production of grains and foodstuffs in the country has definitely increased, but in comparison, the population has increased so much that not all people can eat on a full stomach. The same is true of education. Every man in a free country should have the right to education but the situation is that people do not have a house to cover their heads and clothes to cover their bodies.

Jobs are so small compared to the growing population. Unemployment and unemployment and poverty appear step by step. Along with poverty and unemployment, many social ills are also nurtured. Among them, theft, robbery, vagrancy, and moral decay are significant and important. As a result of hunger and poverty, the standard of health is declining day by day and various diseases are also increasing.

Causes of a growing population

There are many reasons for the growing population, one of the natural reasons being that India’s climate is very conducive to breeding. The people living here become physically premature adults due to which child marriage is a common practice.

One reason is the discovery of new drugs and vaccines that have prevented many epidemics and reduced the number of deaths. But perhaps the biggest reason for the population of our country is the negligence of the people towards this problem and ignorance of the methods to stop the population. As a result, very few people take seriously population control efforts, and the population problem has gone beyond the danger mark.

An interesting fact has been discovered in this regard. People’s living standards fall and when living standards fall, the population grows. And when that cycle begins, it is the hardest thing to stop.

How to stop the population

The efforts of the government alone are not enough to stop the population but the people also need the full support of the government in this work. But this will be possible only when the people are well aware of this problem and follow the methods of restraining the population wholeheartedly. General education can be helpful in creating this trend among the people.

On the other hand, the government and the people should work hard to alleviate the problems caused by this problem so that the living standards of the people can be raised, the population cannot grow further and India can raise its head in front of the world and say that in our country No one is hungry and naked.


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