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Short Essay On Friendship in English


Essay On Friendship

Friend means friend, companion. Two friends are one form and two souls. In Arabic, they are called Khalil. The two people who have a lot in common are called lovers. Man can live alone in society but it becomes a little difficult for a man to live alone.

People of the same age are more likely to make friends. Friendship cannot be formed if there is no compatibility between two men. It is impossible to have friendship between boy and old, between the learned and the ignorant, between the rich and the poor, and between the worldly and the dervish.

The oneness of the belief in nature establishes and strengthens the friendship. Friendships between people of different ages and temperaments are usually unsustainable and purely purposeful. It is very difficult to find a true friend in this world and whoever finds him is fortunate.

A true friend always strives for the success of his friend. He does not want to take any service from his friend nor does he want to get any meaning from himself. He keeps his friend on the right path by stopping him from the bad path. He covers his evils and reveals his good qualities in front of everyone and is engaged in his goodness with all his heart and soul. He comforts and comforts his friend in times of grief. Encourages good deeds. He is ready to sacrifice his life for his friend.

False friends cause all kinds of trouble. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. He talks to his friend and complains about him behind his back. He stays with her in comfort and leaves her in distress. As long as there is a purpose to it, he shows love, but when the meaning is achieved, he separates from it. If the opportunity arises, he takes his friend’s life to achieve his purpose. One should always be wary of such a friend.

We often hesitate to ask our parents and siblings for advice on certain matters. But hesitation does not come from a friend. When in spite of the love of our parents and siblings we find it difficult to tell them a secret heart, we must find a true and sincere friend to make the journey of this life and in his love life is comfortable and Have fun.

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