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Short Essay on the curse of dowry


English 1000 words essay on the curse of dowry

Dowry is a great curse in our society. Where many other great customs and traditions ended with time. For example, the ritual of Sati, child marriage, and to some extent, the practice of dowry has come to an end, but this ritual of dowry is growing more and more with time.

In earlier times this custom was such that people used to give dowry to their daughters according to their status. They were given the kind of equipment to build their own house. But gradually it became necessary to give dowry. Now the boy and his parents voluntarily ask for dowry and these people get married after giving dowry.

By the way, as I have written, the ritual is very old. It is also mentioned in Ramayana that when Ram Chandra Ji and his brothers got married, their parents used to give them presents. They were also given jewelry and property as gifts. There are many reasons why the dowry caravan is not ending in India.

The first reason is that women are considered inferior to men. The father of the girl considers himself inferior to the boy and if the father of the boy likes someone’s girl for his son then he thinks that he is doing good to the father of the girl and to repay this kindness. Dowry is given for Very few people realize that in the eyes of God man and woman are one and the same and it is a sin to think less of a woman than a man.

One of the reasons why women are considered inferior to men is that women have very little education. She does not understand her rights. She obeys what her in-laws tell her and considers it her duty. Another reason why the practice of dowry is not over Spend on income. The man earns money and manages the bread. He thinks that he provides bread for someone else’s daughter and because of this he asks for dowry and the father of the girl is forced to give dowry. ۔

Those who agree with the dowry think that the girl must get a part of the father’s property. By the way, these people do not have maturity in this idea. After marriage, the girl gets a new house and the boy gets a wife who takes care of his house. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. But because of dowry, women do not get the respect that men have in society and that is why most the women suffer from an inferiority complex. It affects their whole life. The peace of their homes is disturbed. Nowadays, when you pick up a newspaper, you will definitely see some news in which it is written that the girl committed suicide as she was fed up with the in-laws’ bad behavior. All this is due to dowry. When the boys get less dowry than expected, they harass the girl in every possible way.

Fed up with their mistreatment, many girls commit suicide. Some people burn their daughter-in-law alive and their only guilt is why they do not bring more dowry with them. Ends and they are forced to deprive their children of education. That is how many minds are lost. They can be very helpful in the development of the country going forward. It has increased to such an extent that those who have only girls and no boys are considered unlucky and those who have only boys. And girls are not considered lucky. So you can understand how much our country and society can benefit if this ritual is abolished.

By the way, now is the time for us to take advantage of the situation and take firm steps to get rid of this problem forever. The only way to get rid of this is to spread education among girls, giving equal education to boys and girls. Women should be made aware of their rights and they should also be made aware of their importance in shaping and reforming society. Giving jobs to women, and doing women’s jobs will also reduce the dowry ritual.

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