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Superstitions Essay in English 500 word


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500 Word Essay Superstitions In Eng

The belief in baseless fears, anxieties, and ideas about something is called superstition. The history of superstition is as old as the evolution of human life. Everything in the vast universe was mysterious to the uncivilized and savage man of ancient times. Climate change, the rotation of the sun and stars, earthquakes, winds, rivers, seas, wild and bloodthirsty animals, all these things were beyond his intellect and comprehension. He had to face them all alone. He was both alone and weak. He didn’t even know what it was. Why is And how to deal with them.

So he was afraid of everything being powerful. Fear compelled him to worship them. He was unaware of the realities of the things around him, so his mind formed imaginary beliefs, and delusions began.

With the advancement of science, many superstitions of the age of ignorance vanished. Man has come to know his environment better, but he has also taken control of many natural forces. But in backward countries where the light of knowledge has not yet spread properly, people still believe in baseless superstitions. With the passage of time, the forms of their superstitions have also changed. Now it is difficult to find out why and when a particular delusion started.

There are thousands of forms of superstition. There are different kinds of superstitions in people of every country and class. Interestingly, there are very different beliefs about the same thing in two different places, one thing which is considered sacred in one place. Elsewhere it is considered ominous and evil. For example, Christians consider it a bad omen to start work on Friday, but for Muslims, it is a very happy day.

According to Indian belief, the sound of an owl in a place is a sign of destruction and death, but the British call the owl a philosophical bird and look at it with a good eye. Within our country, the forms of superstition change from one province to another. Seeing bhangi in the morning in UP is an ominous sign but in Punjab, it is a good sign.

There are thousands of different beliefs and omens in our country, but these are the special ones. Cutting the cat’s path on the way is a sign that an unpleasant accident will happen. If you sneeze while leaving for the journey, the journey will be unlucky. If someone mentions the name of a knife while hunting, the hunt will not work. If you see a widow in the morning, the day will be bad.

If treatment is started on Thursday, the patient will not survive. If you see a snake in a dream, you get wealth. Speaking of crows in the morning is a prediction of the arrival of a guest. The cry of a potato or the cry of a dog brings a message of destruction or death.

The list of superstitions of the most backward and ignorant people is even longer, and it would not be wrong to say that everything in their lives is related to superstitions.

Magic, sorcery, sorcery, sorcery, ghosts, and ghosts are just some of the things they believe in as much as you and I do after night and day. Although educated people do not believe in these superstitions, They are so ingrained in the mind that if any of these symptoms occur, there is a kind of anxiety that would have been better if it had not happened.

Superstitions are not so common in Western countries, but they are few. The English still consider the number thirteen ominous. Going under the stairs is also considered unlucky. It is bad to light 3 cigarettes from the same sewing bag.

Superstitions have many disadvantages. The most important of these is that if a person accepts superstitions as reality, then he gives up trying to know the real truth. Also does not strive for new inventions and discoveries.

So there is probably nothing else that has hindered human development as much as superstition. History is full of examples where the inventors of science and philosophy have been bewitched by superstitions and ignited by ignorance. That is a fact.

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