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The purpose of my life Essay in English


purpose of my life Essay

When a person regains consciousness, he begins to think about his future. There are very few people who, instead of wanting to be rich or have a good life, have in their hearts the spirit of Seva of humanity. Only God knows what condition God puts me in, but I want to grow up and take up a profession in my life which will enable me to earn a decent living and sew humanity all my life. Because what a poet has said

That is, God did not create human beings to worship at all times, but to serve the people. Worship is also necessary. It creates discipline and raises one’s morals. At the same time, if a person loves God’s creatures, then God gives more love to such servants. There is also the idea that the light of God is in the heart of every human being. Of course, man is not God and such a person is a disbeliever, but man is not separate from the light of God. The poet has said

That is why I have made up my mind that when I grow up, I will continue to serve the people at the same time where I will earn my living honestly. Prophets of every religion have taught us to cultivate such a spirit.

The profession of politics

Some people prefer politics for public service but nowadays politics will be infamous. It is not a bad thing to work honestly in politics with the fear of God in one’s heart. This can only be done by those who are rich, who have their own property, or who are running a business because there is no room for income in honest politics.

I belong to the middle class. People like me should not get involved in politics unless it is a good source of income for me. When a common man enters politics, he starts collecting money from people to run his house. He takes money from the people and makes them work and the poor who are in need do not work. In this way, politics becomes a trade and through it an honest man cannot serve humanity. In a way, he becomes the agent of the rich and works for them. It is not politics but evil work.

Many other politicians today are in a vicious circle of increasing their power. They care more about their own interests and the interests of their group than about humanity. That is why they commit sins that God does not like at all by supporting their sinful companions.

Medical profession

The second profession is medicine. This is a good profession. If a doctor does not succumb to the lure of money and has a passion for public service, he can do a lot for humanity. There are some doctors who collect full fees from the rich and also give free medicine to the poor and needy. Such people are entitled to be called human beings.

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My parents’ financial situation is not good enough for me to get a medical education. Therefore, this profession cannot be adopted even if it is good. The other doctor does not have time to go to the people and solve their problems. Even if he continues to care for the sick honestly, God will be pleased with him.

Advocacy profession

Another respectable profession is advocacy but I don’t like it. Many people who love humanity in their hearts, if they take up this profession, they will soon get tired of this profession. Because people force them to act contrary to their conscience. Every lawyer tries to get his client to win the case so he reminds the witnesses. Lies when needed. Although there is a lot of income in this profession, I am always a supporter of the truth, so I will not be able to adopt this profession.

Business profession

There is also respect and income in the business profession. A man can earn a lot of money honestly. I have seen many shopkeepers who have made their business shine and made millions of rupees because of their sweet words and honesty. If the shop is found in a good base, then the hairs become green. But there is also the fact that the shopkeeper does not get time off from his work all day. He can give alms but cannot take part in public welfare work. If he participates in public welfare work for the sake of human service, then obviously he will not be able to pay full attention to his shop, and even though he has money, I do not like to go into this profession. However, my parents want me to be a successful entrepreneur because I know how to communicate with people and I am very polite to everyone.

Manufacturer’s profession

The same is true of the factory owners. They don’t even get a chance to relax when they get home. Many times they sit at home and write letters, think about their factory, go to the houses of the people they have to meet, or go to their homes after closing the factory in search of workers. We go to the people to collect the goods from them. A successful entrepreneur, if he works hard, often returns home exhausted. In such a situation, he can also give donations for the public good, but he cannot take part in any movement on his own. Its relationship with the people is broken, and its society is separated. One day a week he has free time because the factory is closed on that day but he is also very busy on that day. Keep walking in public without. In that case, I will not be able to focus on my work. Unless the master is present, the servants do not work hard and the result is a failure.

Writer’s profession

One of my favorite professions is writing. A writer can raise his voice in favor of the people through his pen, he can participate more in social work, he can inspire people with his articles, and he can breathe new life into the society. But people in India and Pakistan have not yet developed a passion for reading literature like in other developing countries. Very few people read books and the majority of them are people who are accustomed to reading books on demand. When we don’t wear clothes on demand, we don’t eat on demand, we don’t pay rent on demand, then why do we read books on credit?

No writer in India and Pakistan can be financially well off unless the interest in reading grows and people start buying books with cash. A writer cannot survive on his pen alone if the other person will do the job, then obviously he will not be able to find time for public service.

Journalist profession

My heart wants me to grow up to be a journalist. The journalist has a direct relationship with the people. After six to seven hours of duty, the journalist can easily go to the people and get acquainted with their situation and write in the newspaper about their problems the next day and force the government and society to They should pay attention to the suffering of the people or solve the problem of a single individual.

A journalist has enough time to take part in a movement for the public good and to spend three or four hours every day in the service of humanity. Often gets the chance. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. In this profession, I will be able to serve the people as a writer.

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