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World Peace Essay in English 600 Word


Why peace is important in the world essay?

Peace is the path we take to bring progress and prosperity to society. If we do not have peace and harmony, it will be impossible to achieve political power, economic stability, and cultural development. Furthermore, before we can convey the concept of peace to others, it is important for us to have peace within ourselves.

600 Word Essay World Peace In Eng

Our age is the age of science and nuclear development. The immense power of the atomic bomb acts as a slave to our gestures today. We can use this power for peace and the development of humanity as well as for war.

Not long ago, nuclear power was used in the war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just two atomic bombings killed millions of people. For hundreds of miles, plants, humans, and animals were reduced to rubble and millions of people were permanently disabled, but the current hydrogen bomb is three times more destructive than that.

The world’s powers have stockpiles of such bombs. If even a few bombs were used in a war, the whole world could be destroyed and ruined.

In the current political climate, the Third World War could break out at any moment and wipe out our millions of years old civilization and traces of civilization and life. The possibilities must be eliminated, otherwise, war will destroy man. If some people survive to die in nuclear war, their lives will be worse than men’s. Because the destruction of the atom will not be limited to any country or nation or continent but every human being and living thing will be affected by it.

As the proliferation of nuclear weapons increases, so does the threat of nuclear war. The fear of war is always on our heads. We do not know when the fate of the world will be decided and man’s dream of living on the moon will remain unfulfilled. It is not that the war powers do not realize the harm of nuclear war, everyone knows that there is no question of winning or losing in a nuclear war because hardly any human being will be left to see the outcome of nuclear war. Therefore, hardly any country would dare to take the initiative in a nuclear war.

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But in war everything is possible. Man can make crazy decisions in some situations. Should any country be compelled to use a hydrogen bomb when it sees the flames of false honor and glory?

The threat of World War III has never been greater. This threat can be averted by the power of peace, not by war preparations. Most of the efforts that have been made so far to maintain peace in the world have failed because one country does not trust the other or the roots of hatred are so deeply rooted in them that it hinders mutual friendship. Are

The peace conference convened by the League of Nations after World War I proved futile. UNO’s efforts were more effective than those of the League of Nations. But so far the UN has not been able to come up with a definitive solution for peace. The world is still divided into two groups, the Russian bloc, and the American bloc. Until the spirit of unity is created in all the countries of the world, the world will be in danger of war.

World peace requires a world power that is more powerful than the UN. Who could impose a complete ban on the possession of weapons of war because the threat of war will continue to linger as long as the preparation of weapons of war continues? There is also a need for a ban on nuclear explosions. It is possible that in the future, national and ethnic prejudices will disappear and a world government will be formed. The threat of war can be completely averted only when a world government is established in the world. See, maybe this dream will ever come true.

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